Experimental and Theoretical Neuroscience Laboratory | Raul C. Muresan | TINS

The Experimental and Theoretical Neuroscience Lab

Understanding how our brain, through its intricate structure and complex function, enables us to percieve the environment, to have feelings, to decide and act upon the world, is one of mankind's enduring dreams. Significant effort has been invested over the past century to unravel the misteries of the brain and our laboratory is a part of this effort.

The lab focuses on the study of neural systems along several directions:

  • Recording and analysis of electrophysiological and optical imaging data;

  • Optogenetics and electrical microstimulation;

  • Development of advanced tools for data analysis;

  • Modeling of neuronal processes: dynamics of large-scale microcircuits, cellular mechanisms;

  • Brain-machine interfaces based on EEG;

  • Advanced, neuro-inspired machine learning in multi-layered neural networks.