Experimental and Theoretical Neuroscience Laboratory | Raul C. Muresan | TINS


The research group at the Experimental and Theoretical Neuroscience Laboratory presently consists of the following people:

Dr. Eng. Raul C. Muresan, director of the lab.

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Dr. Eng. Vlad V. Moca, senior researcher.

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Dr. Eng. Adriana Nagy-Dăbâcan, postdoctoral researcher.

Eng. Medorian Gheorghiu, PhD researcher.

Dr. Harald Bârzan, postdoctoral researcher.

Dr. Andrei Ciuparu, postdoctoral researcher.

Dr. Cecile Gal, postdoctoral researcher (affiliated)

Dr. Delia Gheorghe, postdoctoral researcher

Dr. Ana Maria Ichim, postdoctoral researcher

Eng. Richard E. Ardelean, PhD researcher

Eng. George F. Grosu, PhD researcher

Loredana Dan, PhD researcher

Cătălin Coltău, research assistant.

Alumni and affiliated scientists:
Dr. Ioana Tincas, senior researcher.

Dr. Eng. Ovidiu F. Jurjut, senior researcher (affiliated from Center for Integrative Neuroscience Tübingen, Germany).

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Dr. Sergiu Pasca, affiliated researcher (Stanford University, USA).

Cristina Pelea, intern student (UMF Cluj)

Mădălina F. Mastacan, research assistant.